Barbra and Me ~ Barbra Streisand Tribute Show

Logo - Barbara & Me

My name is Susan Ashley. I am a singer/dancer/entertainer who has been performing since the tender age of 4. For the past 20 years, I've been performing my one-woman show throughout Florida. I recently decided to return to my ‘roots’ and created a show as a tribute to my favorite artist-- Barbra Streisand. However, it is NOT your typical tribute show and I am NOT a Barbra impersonator.

You see, when I was a child, I auditioned for Barbra and was selected by her to play her daughter in one of her 4 major television specials. My show is multi-media which features an ongoing accompanying video that is projected on a large screen as a backdrop to my performance. The video runs concurrent with the subject matter of each song and is often interactive. There are sections where I verbally interact with Barbra and other characters. The show is an expose of my actual personal experience with Barbra herself, and the influence she has had on my life, career, and singing. I've even included an actual clip taken from the television special of me as a little girl.  My entire singing career was energized by that awesome experience and it helped to shape the course of my life. And so, “Barbra and Me” was born.

Her inspiration and influence have resulted in an uncanny likeness to her sound and musical style, but as I have mentioned, I'm not an impersonator. There are several women out there who do that. Instead, my presentation has a more personal edge because of my connection to Barbra and my real-life events. I perform a hand-picked selection of some of her most treasured songs, accompanied by a beautiful video that adds a cinematic, storytelling dimension throughout the show. “Barbra and Me” is brimming with heartwarming nostalgia, exciting moments of soaring melody, dance, conversation and story, and even has a few comedic moments, (like when I receive a phone call from Barbra in the middle of my show), and culminates with me singing a 'duet' with her on the screen behind me.

I start the show from offstage as I begin to sing “Happy Days Are Here Again” and as I move towards center stage, my story begins... 

Please enjoy the video demo I’ve prepared. I think you’ll get a very clear feel for “Barbra and Me.”