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Around Town

Around TownApril 24 – May 7, 2009

Pat Mascola  “Townbeat”

The Lighthouse Cove Tike Bar, 14th street and A1A, Pompano is a favorite late Sunday afternoon stop for me and hundreds of others, to appreciate the wonderful world of our tropical paradise. Al Nero’s band is featured with lots of guest entertainers taking turns. Also on the bill with Al is a little lady with a powerful voice, Susan Ashley. I have heard her sing many times and always enjoyed her performances. But last Sunday, for some reason, I was sitting at a table, not the usual bar stool and started to listen to this lady, I mean really listen. I became captivated with her vocal control and exceptional range and phrasing, all accented with her shapely body movement and great facial expressions to the lyrics. She just easily triumphed with a swinging “New York, New York” to a melancholy “My Man”, a sizzling theme song from the academy award winning Chicago. Her repertoire is endless from standards, to top 40s, to show tunes. I listen to her deliver hit after hit to great applause and wondered why she was unheralded and not the musical stage star she should have or could have been? Only she knows. In her vocal delivery I heard the best of Streisand, Edie Gourme and Ethel Merman. She is ours to listen to and enjoy, as she delivers her mini concerts at this popular outdoor ocean front nightclub.

"Leading Ladies" Review by Howard Salus

Below is a review that Susan received after performing for the "Leading Ladies" at one of their charity luncheons. The Leading Ladies is a group of fellow performers who get together periodically to raise money for The Transplant Foundation.

"Don Casino Productions has always presented acts for this unique group, and they're all high professional quality (who they regularly book at local venues and on the ships), but "this" act was sensational! Susan Ashley just blew the audience away. She has a voice and an energy that makes me impatient to see and hear her again, and real soon! She did her tributes to New York and Broadway, she "whoopied" for Eddie Cantor, she captivated the group with "Clowns" by Sondheim and she wiped me out with her Streisand renditions. Whew!  If you learn this lady will be appearing somewhere-run out and buy a ticket!"

Howard Salus
Founding Director at ENV Magazine, Inc.